Cracker Related Bands

Camper Van Beethoven

David Lowery's and Victor Krummenacher's other band.

Magnetic Motor Works

Camper Van Beethoven members Jonathan Segel, Victor Krummenacher, Greg Lisher, among others have put out some great work on Magnetic. This site has lots of mp3s, lots of info, and links to online and snail mail CD purchases. If you like Cracker, you have to check these guys out!

Lauren Hoffman

Lauren Hoffman's first album was done with a little help from David Lowery. Her first EP was also released on the Pitch-A-Tent label.

Kitty Snyder

Kitty is an excellent singer-songwriter on Pitch-a-Tent Records. She's opened for Cracker on numerous occasions and has won the hearts of many an unsuspecting Cracker Fan in the process. She's phenomenal - you've got to check her out!


LP has gone solo, and David Lowery produced her album Heart Shaped Scar. Cracker folk have production, writing, singing, and playing credits on this album.

September '67

David Lowery, Bob Rupe, and Johnny Hickman performed on September 67's release Lucky Shoe. Kristen Asbury-Hott of September 67 still sings backing vocals in Cracker songs. Kritsen and Shannon sang backing vocals on "Sweet Thistle Pie."

the Seymores

David Lowery played on most of this group's releases.


This amazing Virginia based one man band in the form of Mark Linkous has been involved with Cracker for several years. Mark can be heard singing on the group's cover of Neil Young's song "Fucking Up" (available on the Eurotrash Girl single). "Sick of Goodbyes" was also written by Mark and David.

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